Trick or Treat yo’ self! Skip the generic candy and go get yourself some adult worthy goodies for Halloween this year. Here’s the inside “spook” on our top places to score the good stuff.


Tout de Sweet Confections

1. Tout de Sweet (1620 Store Street)

Organic, locally made, and sensitive to most allergies. We are in LOVE with the caramels, our favorites flavours are sea salt and apple. Skip the weird candy corn and indulge in stuff made with real butter!


Sirene Chocolate

2. The Chocolate Project (1701 Douglas Street)

So you like chocolate bars? Well treat yourself to some gourmet sh*t! We are partial to local so try the bars from Sirene. Taylor is an award-winning bean-to-bar chocolate maker and we are damn lucky to have him! The Fleur De Sel uses sea salt from Vancouver Island Salt Company, an Island based salt producer.

3. Fisgard Market (550 Fisgard Street)

I’m of the salty persuasion and would lose my mind when a small bag of chips showed up in my Halloween loot. Upgrade your chip selection at this iconic market and get yourself some Honey Butter chips from Korea. Not sold? Google it. Seriously, these things were a global phenomenon a few years ago and they are worth it.


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