Private & Custom Tours

Make your corporate function or staff party exceptionally different & delicious! Let us do the heavy lifting to create the perfect foodie tour for your group; a perfect way to celebrate, network, bond and more. With 3 unique tours to choose from and over 30 amazing tour partners we are the best food tour option for a meaningful experience. We are very flexible with times, budgets, dietary restrictions, and foodie options. Contact us today for details.


Some information to help you plan your corporate tour.

Why should our group do a food tour?

Our tours are fun, interactive, and a memorable experience. One of the best ways to bond is over food & drinks so let us organize a great experience for your team. More than just a meal, our tours stimulate all the senses with walking, tasting, engaging, and visiting historic sights and cool local businesses.

How many people can you accommodate on each tour?

We typically max out our tours at 15-20 people. Any more than that and the tour is crowded and it gets more difficult keeping things on time. If the group is larger, we split the group up and run the tours with multiple guides at the same time.


What if there are dietary concerns, allergies and vegetarians in the group?

No worries, we can absolutely accommodate vegetarians, some allergies and most dietary concerns. As long as we know in advance, we can usually make anything happen!


How does the process work for booking a corporate tour?

We highly suggest you give us a call so we can chat about what your needs are so we can recommend the appropriate tour (778-918-4584). After that we usually require a 50% deposit to hold the date. That deposit is 100% refundable up to 48 hours before the tour commences. We issue the remaining invoice 24 hours before the tour starts and then you sit back and just enjoy the tour!

What if we don’t know how many guests will be attending?
No worries, we just need a general idea of what the minimum number would be. We can always add or remove as things change. We just need a final number 24 hours before the tour commences.
Will the tour be private?
You bet!
Do we have to stick to the tour that is described on the website?
Not at all! With over 5 tours to choose from and over 35 tour partners we can customize, adjust, and change the tour to your liking. There are of course some restrictions and cost will reflect the changes but we want to make sure you get the best experience ever so just let us know what works best for you and we will try and make that happen.
Where do the tours meet?
It depends on the tour but all of our tours are in the downtown core. We can also meet the groups at special request locations such as hotels within reason.
Is there alcohol on the tours?
Most of our tours do contain at least one stop with an alcohol option. We are happy to either remove this or add more alcohol options at your request. Price of tour will reflect these changes.
What is the cost of a corporate tour?
This depends on the tour. We are happy to work within all budgets and needs and can customize the tours to reflect this. We do add a 15% gratuity for the tour guides on all of our custom and private tours.



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