Our Favorite Ways to Drink Wine Online

Staying home sucks. Drinking alone can suck too. So while we are still in a stay-at-home situation, why not drink some wine online with strangers. Here are our favourite ways to log on and get lit.


Haywire wine with food pairing

Wine & food Pairing Event FEB 27th 6pm-7pm

Drink Haywire Gamay Noir with a certified sommelier while eating dishes curated by Off The Eaten Track. Dan Stiefvater will co-host the event to chat about the diversity of this delicious wine! The wine & food is delivered during the day and guests log on at night for guided tasting.

women drinking wine in front of computer

Airbnb Online Experiences: Port Wine Class

There are literally hundreds of options for joining an online drinking experience on Airbnb but this port class stood out to us. First we love port, and second, we think the host Sara sounded awesome. A neat way to drink online with people from around the world.

bag filled with food items

Vessel Zooms Home

Free to participate and new wine topics every two weeks! They send out the wine suggestions and you register for the 30 minute online tasting led by an expert. A cool free way to learn more about wine and they often recommend easy to find bottles and sometimes some rare gems!

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