Main Street may be one of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city but it is home to some of the youngest and hippest locals. Packed full of designer boutiques, funky thrift shops, and quirky restaurants, Vancouverites know that Main is the street to find the city’s best culinary hidden gems. Let us show you five of the very best spots we guarantee you wouldn’t find on your own!

We visit a variety of fantastic local businesses for a truly unique culinary tour. Our stops include a french bakery and chocolate stop, a local honey tasting at the Honey Shoppe, and some traditional Roman style pizza. We also enjoy a truly tropical cocktail at a tiki hideaway and some local seafood from The Fish Counter. Stops may vary depending on the tour but you can always expect to visit 5 of the very best hidden gems on Main!

This tour is suitable for all ages however there is an optional alcohol sample. The legal drinking age in British Columbia is 19 years of age. It’s against the law to purchase liquor for or give liquor to a minor. You may be required to present your government issued ID to participate in alcohol tastings. A secondary piece of ID is also required in BC. Click here to view what ID’s can be used.

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